1. What is a Modern Apprenticeship?

Modern Apprenticeships are a qualification-based career option for young people looking to further their career.  There is a structured framework for training across a wide range of occupations, designed by industry to meet the growing demand for more skilled employees.  The programmes will take on average two to four years to complete.

2. What types of Apprenticeship are there?

Please see our list for options available.  We are always happy to investigate a career route on behalf of a trainee if we have not already covered it.

3. What does it involve?

The Modern Apprenticeship route is a good career choice and gives trainees the skills they need in the workplace.  It opens up a wide choice of career opportunities, enabling trainees to learn as they work and earn as they learn.

Trainees learn the skills and experience they need to do the job as they work and this will sometimes include periods of study at college.  At the end of the programme, participants receive a nationally-recognised qualification.

4. How frequently is the intake?

Applications can be made at any time throughout the year – there is no single intake point.

5. Will my child get paid?

Yes, your child will get paid a wage from their employer appropriate to the industry they are working in and the level at which they are working.

6. What kinds of qualifications are required as a prerequisite?

Please refer to individual types of apprenticeships for qualification details.

7. What will my child get out of the programme?

Your child will be a highly employable worker who has gained all the practical skills they need to do a job well.  The Modern Apprenticeship programme is a valuable and very rewarding learning experience.

8. Will they get a permanent job at the end of it?

Many apprentices are offered jobs after they qualify but this is not guaranteed and employers are not required to provide ongoing work.  In key sectors, there is high demand for skilled workers and so the trainee will be free to apply to other employers for work.

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