1. What is a Modern Apprentice?

Modern Apprenticeships are a qualification-based career option for young people looking to further their career.  There is a structured framework for training across a wide range of occupations, designed by industry to meet the growing demand for more skilled employees.  The programmes will take on average two to four years to complete.

2. What assistance is available?

The direct costs are fully funded, in most instances, by Skills Development Scotland.  Additional support towards the cost of travel and lodgings may also be available for employees who are attending college as part of their training programme.

However, as their employer, you will be required to pay them a wage appropriate to the industry and level at which they are working.  You should also allow them time to learn and practice.

3. What will it mean for my business?

Vocational qualifications and training are recognised as being essential to business success.  As the training is delivered in your workplace and is flexible, the skills and practical experience will be tailored to your specific business needs.  You will have input into developing their abilities to ensure they play an integral role in your business performance.

4. Where does Train Shetland fit in?

We organise, provide and co-ordinate the training for the employer and trainee.  We organise the appropriate college attendance, provide information on the length of the blocks of training and arrange appropriate workplace assessments, if required.  We also provide information on the National Standards and qualifications for the industry.  We organise and book travel and accommodation for trainees going to college.

We monitor your trainee’s progress throughout their Apprenticeship.  We carry out review visits in conjunction with the workplace supervisor.  These visits will initially take place every six weeks (at a time that is convenient with you) and will gradually extend to every 10-12 weeks.

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Train Shetland – Vocational Training manages Modern Apprenticeships across a wide range of companies throughout Shetland. We support a range of applicants; school leavers, students and adults, looking for skills-based employment with training. We are also responsible for co-coordinating Undergraduate summer placements with local companies through a national enterprise scheme.