The facts about apprenticeships

If you choose to recruit a Modern Apprentice, they will be your employee.

You will be required to pay them a wage appropriate to the industry and level at which they are working.  You will also need to allocate them time to learn and practice.  In most cases they will attend college – either day or block release.

You can use Modern Apprenticeships to train both new and existing employees.

We will access funding for the trainee.  In addition, we arrange an induction onto the programme for each apprentice and their employer, followed by regular review/monitoring visits in the workplace by one of our training co-ordinators.

These visits will initially take place every six weeks.  As the trainee progresses through their training, visits will gradually extend to every 10-12 weeks.  On each visit our training co-ordinator will meet with the trainee and their supervisor to discuss progress.

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