Tell me about Apprenticeships?

With so much competition for jobs in all sectors of industry, it is good to develop new skills and gain marketable qualifications while you work.

The main feature of apprenticeship training is that you must be employed and your employer must support your training in the workplace.

You will earn and learn at the same time.  Although the initial wages can often be quite low, this is because you are just starting out and need time to be effective in your job.  As you progress through your training, your wages are likely to increase, with your fully qualified rate matching the adult wage rate for your sector.

Many of our Modern Apprentice programmes require attendance at Shetland College or the NAFC Marine Centre.  For some disciplines, you must attend other Scottish colleges such as Inverness, Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh.  Travel and lodging costs for attending mainland colleges are met by us.

You can find out more in this section about the various types of qualifications you could gain during an apprenticeship, and how Train Shetland can assist you and your employer.

Check out the case studies and watch video clips of qualified apprentices.

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