Helping People Who Hoard


This 2 day course helps participants to understand hoarding behaviour and other complex health conditions that result in clutter and disorganisation.  The course also explores evidence-based interventions and treatments, and draws on the experiences of the participants in developing skills to work with people who hoard.

Participants will also complete a reflective essay based on their current practice, key learning points and what they may do differently as a result of attending the course.


- Definition and types of hoarding
- Psychology of hoarding
- Behaviours and characteristics
- Cycle of change


- Post-course work: reflective essay
- Certificate of completion

Price: £360 per person
Date: 13th-14th March 2018
Where:Train Shetland (Gremista)
9.30am - 4.30pm

Please contact Train Shetland for further details or to book a place