Website Data Analytics - DigitalBoost
This workshop unlocks data analytics so you can clearly see where your website traffic is coming from and why, transforming your website’s effectiveness.  (Approx 25-30 words)

Website Data Analytics is an incredibly powerful tool for all businesses with an online presence, and by the end of this workshop you’ll be comfortable reading, understanding and acting on analytics information.

You’ll be able to see at a glance where your website traffic comes from, and what this means for your company. Even more powerfully, you’ll be ready to use the data to improve your website’s effectiveness.

We’ll show you how often to check analytics, how to set goals and the most effective ways to implement analytics tools. So when you develop your digital strategy you can be confident you will see results. (Approx 100 words)

This is a ‘DigitalBoost’ event which is funded by Digital Scotland and delivered by Business Gateway in partnership with Scottish Enterprise and Highlands & Islands Enterprise.

Please contact Train Shetland to register your interest